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Top trading strategy Civic (CVC) daily – Live position:

  • Open long
  • Entry price : 0.1095 $
  • Pnl : %

Trade history

Over 6 months

Trade history for the 6 last months of the top trading strategy Civic (CVC) daily


Complete trade history of the top trading strategy Civic (CVC) daily

«Top trading strategy Civic (CVC) daily» vs Buy & Hold ?

For this comparison we started from an initial portfolio of $1000 allocated to the «Top trading strategy CVC daily». was split evenly between the ten cryptocurrencies. It is compared to a Buy & Hold strategy consisting simply of buying and holding its asset.

Historical comparison of cumulative returns with Buy & Hold

Portfolio top stratégie Civic (CVC) daily

Annual comparison of cumulative returns with Buy & Holds

Annual comparison of cumulative returns with Buy & Hold of top trading strategy Civic (CVC) daily

Heatmap of monthly returns

Heatmap of monthly returns of the top trading strategy Civic (CVC) daily

Distribution of the monthly returns of the top strategy

Distribution of the monthly returns of the top trading strategy Civic (CVC) daily

Presentation of CVC

Civic (CVC) is a decentralized platform that utilizes blockchain technology to provide secure and convenient identity verification solutions. It aims to empower individuals with control over their personal information and eliminate data breaches and identity theft. This synthesis will explore the key features, benefits, and challenges of Civic as a cryptocurrency.

One significant feature of Civic is its use of blockchain technology, specifically Ethereum, to establish a trusted and immutable identity verification system. By utilizing smart contracts, Civic enables individuals to securely and privately store their personal information, such as passports or driver’s licenses, on the blockchain. This allows for efficient and trustworthy verification processes without the need to expose sensitive data to third parties.

Civic’s decentralized architecture ensures that individuals have complete control over their personal information. This means that users can choose which entities to share their information with, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches and identity theft. Civic’s model shifts the paradigm of relying on centralized authorities or corporations for identification, giving individuals greater privacy and autonomy.

The benefits of Civic are not limited to individuals alone; businesses and organizations also benefit from its identity verification solutions. Civic offers a Know Your Customer (KYC) service, enabling businesses to comply with regulatory requirements in a more streamlined and cost-effective manner. By utilizing blockchain technology, Civic enables swift verification of individuals’ identities while maintaining compliance and reducing fraud.

However, Civic is not without its challenges. One of the main hurdles is mass adoption. While the idea of individuals controlling their data is appealing, it requires a critical mass of users and businesses to fully realize the potential of Civic’s identity verification platform. Educating the general public about the benefits of decentralized identity and overcoming any resistance or skepticism may take time.

Another potential challenge for Civic is the need to establish partnerships with various organizations, governments, and service providers to ensure widespread acceptance and integration. Collaboration with existing industry players, such as financial institutions and government agencies, is crucial for Civic to create a robust ecosystem that can provide seamless verification services across diverse domains.

In conclusion, Civic (CVC) crypto offers a novel approach to identity verification by utilizing blockchain technology. Its features ensure individuals’ control over their personal information while providing businesses with efficient and compliant identity verification processes. Challenges like mass adoption and establishing partnerships need to be addressed for Civic to achieve widespread acceptance and become a pervasive solution in the digital identity space.

Strategy details

«Top trading strategy CVC daily» is the result of meticulous selection work. Above all, we backtested long and short around 20 strategies. Then, we selected for you the best of them on the basis of their success rate and their risk gain ratio. In order to refine the money management of the trading strategy, we take into account the relative cumulative return between the three strategies for each position taken. We are currently working on incorporating Kelly’s formula into position sizing.

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