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Top trading strategy ICON (ICX) daily – Live position:

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Trade history

Over 6 months

Trade history for the 6 last months of the top trading strategy ICON (ICX) daily


Complete trade history of the top trading strategy ICON (ICX) daily

«Top trading strategy ICON (ICX) daily» vs Buy & Hold ?

For this comparison we started from an initial portfolio of $1000 allocated to the «Top trading strategy ICX daily». was split evenly between the ten cryptocurrencies. It is compared to a Buy & Hold strategy consisting simply of buying and holding its asset.

Historical comparison of cumulative returns with Buy & Hold

Portfolio top stratégie ICON (ICX) daily

Annual comparison of cumulative returns with Buy & Holds

Annual comparison of cumulative returns with Buy & Hold of top trading strategy ICON (ICX) daily

Heatmap of monthly returns

Heatmap of monthly returns of the top trading strategy ICON (ICX) daily

Distribution of the monthly returns of the top strategy

Distribution of the monthly returns of the top trading strategy ICON (ICX) daily

Presentation of ICX

ICON (ICX) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that aims to connect various blockchain networks, allowing seamless communication and integration among different platforms. Launched in 2017, ICON has quickly gained attention due to its unique features and potential for revolutionizing the blockchain industry.

One of the key objectives of ICON is to create a scalable ecosystem where different blockchain networks can interact with each other. By developing its own protocol called the Loopchain, ICON enables the exchange of information and smart contracts between different decentralized networks. This interoperability provides many opportunities for businesses and individuals to leverage the benefits of various blockchain technologies without any barriers.

The ICON network also facilitates the creation of Decentralized Applications (DApps) and Smart Contracts, enhancing the functionality and usability of the platform. DApps built on ICON can seamlessly connect with other existing networks, empowering developers with versatility in their applications. Moreover, ICON ensures scalability and security through its use of a Delegated Proof of Contribution consensus algorithm, which maintains a distributed ledger while enabling faster and secure transactions.

Another notable feature of ICON is its focus on governance and community involvement. ICON operates on a unique governance system that encourages active participation from token holders. This voting mechanism allows stakeholders to contribute to the decision-making process, ensuring that ICON remains decentralized and transparent.

In terms of partnerships and adoption, ICON has collaborated with numerous organizations and institutions in various industries. These partnerships aim to explore the potential of blockchain technology and utilize ICON’s ecosystem to enhance efficiency and transparency. Some notable partnerships include the South Korean government, various financial institutions, and leading blockchain projects.

The ICON Foundation, the driving force behind ICON’s development, is committed to driving mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. They work continuously to improve the infrastructure and functionality of the platform. With a solid and experienced team, ICON has achieved significant milestones in a short period and continues to grow rapidly.

In conclusion, ICON (ICX) is an innovative cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the blockchain industry by connecting different networks and facilitating interoperability. With its unique features, focus on governance, and strong partnerships, ICON has the potential to transform various industries and drive mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. As the project evolves and gains more recognition, it is likely to play a crucial role in shaping the future of decentralized networks.

Strategy details

«Top trading strategy ICX daily» is the result of meticulous selection work. Above all, we backtested long and short around 20 strategies. Then, we selected for you the best of them on the basis of their success rate and their risk gain ratio. In order to refine the money management of the trading strategy, we take into account the relative cumulative return between the three strategies for each position taken. We are currently working on incorporating Kelly’s formula into position sizing.

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